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“ ”B” is for Burglar”


“ ”B” is for Burglar”


This book was recommended to me by my friend. I trusted his opinion that was why I started reading this book “B” is for Burglar by Sue Grafton.

When I had asked my friend what this book was about he only answered that it was an interesting detective story about disappearance of the lady. I expected to find an ordinary detective plot and I was right because the plot was really usual and kept nothing new. But what I enjoyed most it was the way how the author Sue Grafton described the characters of this story and her sense of humor.

This text is about the woman who usually spends her winters in Florida but once she suddenly disappeared and the question about her heritage aroused. One former policeman began investigation and he discovered the woman who pretended to be another personality. After that he found the real murderer.

 The plot of this story is written in a simple and easy to understand manner. Sue Grafton often uses short and emotional sentences which produces atmosphere of participation in real actions. Dialogues between persons contain many humorous moments and I like it very much.

Frankly speaking I feel no influence after having read this book. It was reading just for entertainment. This book did not change anything in my life. But it was funny when I felt involvement in the plot of the story.

My expectation was not very high that is why I can say that this book proves my expectation – it is just a good easy reading story.

If you are interested in my evaluation of this ““B” is for Burglar” by Sue Grafton I recommend this book  to read if you plan to have a rest, relax or to go somewhere by train or by bus and you don’t know what to do during this trip. It will be a good solution not to waste your time, enjoy reading and practice your English.

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