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"The Pearl” John Steinbeck

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Intermediate Level

“The Pearl”

John Steinbeck


“The Pearl” is a book by John Steinbeck. It was recommended to me by my friend.  Frankly speaking, I did not expect too much of this book. But I promised my friend to read it. So I started to read it without great interest, but very soon I changed my opinion about this book because the plot was simple and interesting.

To cut it short this story is about a poor family, whose child was attacked by scorpion and the parents needed a lot of money to put him into hospital. They were very poor and had no possibility to pay the doctor. But soon the father of the child decided to cure his son with the help of sea weed. Diving for the weed he took one of the biggest pearls in the world and since that moment their life changed greatly.

 What I like most while reading this book was the manner in which John Steinbeck describes the nature and the sea beauty in the text. I think that relations between main characters and other people are shown real and truthful. In my opinion the plot of this book is built successively and if I were the author of this book I would change nothing.

  Having read the beginning of this book I felt compassion to this poor family and regret that I could not help them. Then I understood perfectly that being a poor does not mean to be unhappy. I see this family had no money but they were friendly and kind between themselves and to their neighbours.

 When I started to read this book I did not wait much interesting. Finally I understood that I was mistaken because the plot keeps my interest until the end of this book. While reading this book I had foreseen the unlucky end of this story and I was very glad that I was mistaken.

Now I know that I will recommend “The pearl” book by John Steinbeck to all my friends and even to my parents. I am sure they will have a lot of pleasant time with this simple and interesting story.

Создан 05 дек 2010

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